A Long Overdue Fall Update!

We’ve been so hard to work out here, we forgot to update our website!

If you’ve been following the buzz on our Facebook page, you already know the great news:  our Kickstarter relaunch was a success!

By the end of August, we raised over $5,000 to help make Cold Steel Wardens: Rogues Gallery into a reality.  Thanks to all of you who backed us; we’re already hard at work on the art aspects of the book, with art direction completed and our artists pumping out some phenomenal pieces!

Take a look below!

In other news, the winter doesn’t mean the end of convention season!

We’ll be heading to Star City Brewery this weekend–October 22nd–for their Dayton Designed Game Night, where Andy will be running demos of Dwarven Defenders.

And, if you haven’t gotten it already, get your badge for AcadeCon, now at the Dayton Convention Center!  Andy will be running Dwarven Defenders and the premier of De Civitates Dei, while Jules will be throwing down a whole series of CSW games!

See you around the game table, friends!