Important News: CSW, Chronicle City, and The Future

Hey, gang–Andy here!

First off, welcome to the Blackfall Press website!  It’s been a long-time coming, so I’m happy to present the official home of Blackfall Press on the web.  Check out the site, enjoy the art gallery, and grab a download or two.  We’re still under construction, so don’t mind any broken links or the like–we’ll get it all sorted out soon!

However, this transition comes with a bit of important news.

As you may know, when we announced our Kickstarter for Cold Steel Wardens, we were pleased to announce that CSW would be produced via a print/publisher partnership with Chronicle City.  I was quite excited for this union, for I was sure that it would ensure a quality print run of CSW from a trusted veteran of the rpg market.

However, as time has passed, it became increasingly apparent that Chronicle City was unable or unwilling to fulfill their end of the contract.  Contact with the heads at Chronicle City grew sporadic at best and a North American print run was never attempted on their end.  Following this past GenCon, the lack of support reached a head and we decided to sever our contract with Chronicle City.

We realize that many of you are still aching to grab a hard copy of Cold Steel Wardens; you might be wondering when, if ever, that might happen.

Lucky for you, I have some great news.  Blackfall Press has just signed a new print/partnership with Studio 2 Publishing.  You might know Studio 2 as the publishers of a little game called Savage Worlds…  We are incredibly excited about this agreement and plan to move ahead with new publication and distribution channels as soon as we make some minor formatting changes to the CSW PDF.  We are not currently planning a “2.0” version of CSW–any changes we make will be to simply make some clarifications, fix typos, and take care of other errata.

Note that you can still purchase the PDF version of CSW via DriveThruRPG–in fact, it’ll automatically update when the new PDF is released–as well as the CSW GM Screen Inserts.  Further, as we mentioned in our last post, CSW is part of the Indie Bundle of Holding+3 until October 14th!

It’s an exciting time for the Cold Steel Wardens universe.  We can’t wait to show you all what’s in store!