One Week to Relaunch!


First up, thanks for your continued support of Cold Steel Wardens.  We truly appreciate each and everyone one of you–we never get tired of hearing stories about your home games, of your off-the-wall convention adventures, or your favorite comics inspirations.

If you’ve enjoyed CSW thusfar, Cold Steel Wardens: Rogues Gallery is the next step in our odyssey.  Rogues Gallery contains full write-ups for Stonegate Penitentiary, Lincroft Asylum, and a legionCSW-Rogues-Gallery-Kickstarter of mooks, madmen, masterminds, and metahumans ready to drop into your campaign.  Further, Rogues Gallery dramatically advances the New Corinth setting, as our narrator–fan favorite vigilante Sawbones–provides his own notes on the various miscreants roaming the streets.

However, CSW: Rogues Gallery cannot become a reality without your help!

We will be RELAUNCHING the CSW: Rogues Gallery Kickstarter on Monday, August 1st, 2016!

Our revamped KS drive will include a number of special events throughout the drive:

  • We’ll be hosting a Kickstarter launch party at The Malted Meeple game cafe in Hudson, OH, on August 1st.  We’ll have cake, featured milkshake specials, and demos run by Andy all evening.
  • We’ll be hosting demo events at Epic Loot in Centerville, OH on both July 28th and August 25th.  Andy will be on hand to answer questions and run demo games for anyone around!
  • We’ll be running a bevy of events at GenCon Indy!
  • We’ll be holding a “Crowdsource-A-Villain” contest on our Facebook page for the duration of the drive.  The results from the votes will become an additional villain which will appear in Rogues Gallery!


Of course, Rogues Gallery cannot become a reality without your help.  Please consider backing us and share/tweet/like/upvote our drive whenever you can.  

Thanks again for all of your support; we’ll see you on Kickstarter on August 1st!

–A.P. Klosky