Summer Updates: Convention Schedule and Kickstarter Relaunch!

Ahoy, all!  Andy here.

Since our updates in mid-April, things have slowed down a little bit out here.  This has been partially due to the end of the school year–I teach English as my day job–but also because I underwent arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus at the end of April.  Mind you, this was following two full month of doctors’ appointments and physical therapy for what was first diagnosed as a knee sprain, then as a dislocated kneecap, then finally as a torn meniscus.  

That said, I’m more than ready to get back on the horse and do some gaming!CH13 warehouses-F

First up, the two big conventions of our season:  Origins and GenCon.  Blackfall Press is hosting official Cold Steel Wardens events at both conventions, with the newest print edition of CSW available for sale at both cons at the Studio 2 Publishing booth!

At Origins, I’ll be running two-hour demo sessions (Stolen Away and Hell on Wheels) at 1pm and 3pm each day.  At 7pm, I’ll be running our newest four-hour investigation:  Anastasia’s Bane.  Help take down kidnappers, break a fellow vigilante out of police custody, or track down an enigmatic arms dealer!  

In addition, CSW original playtester Julia Murgatroyd is bringing her own scenarios to the party!  Julia will be bringing the DC Comics-inspired Bile in the Throat, featuring the Birds of Prey!

At GenCon, I’ll have the same set of scenarios, available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, while Julia will be running Bile in the Throat on Saturday and Sunday.  Seats are still available at both the Origins and GenCon games, so swing on by with your generics and pull up a chair!

That’s not the biggest news, though.  After doing some post-Kickstarter analysis (and, let’s be honest, some soul-searching), I’ve decided to relaunch the Kickstarter drive for CSW: Rogues Gallery.  The text of the book is already done; it’d be a damned shame not to give it at least one more try.

However, this hinges upon you, heroes.  While we were moderately successful in our first attempt for Rogues Gallery, it simply can’t happen without the funds from a fully-successful Kickstarter; the burden of art, layout, editing, and graphic design are simply too much for me to finance on my own.

The new Kickstarter drive for CSW: Rogues Gallery will go live on August 1st, just in time for GenCon!

Please, above all else, spread the word!  The more buzz we can get moving about CSW and the upcoming Kickstarter, the more likely that we’ll succeed.  And, that success means that I spend more time working on CSW material in the future!

Thanks again for all your support; we’ll see you on August 1st for the relaunch of our CSW: Rogues Gallery Kickstarter!