AcadeCon, ho!

Just a quick reminder that we’ll be spending this coming weekend at AcadeCon, just outside of Oxford, Ohio, at the Hueston Woods Lodge and Conference Center.

AcadeCon is in its second year and is brought to us by the folks at The RPG Academy, a podcast network focusing solely on RPGs and tabletop games.  I was actually privileged enough to run several sessions of Cold Steel Wardens for the RPG Academy gang, at CincyCon, at GenCon, and for their “The Trials” series of podcasts.

Among the special guests include Robert J. Schwalb (Shadow of the Demon Lord), John Wick (Houses of the Blooded, Play Dirty), Rich Baker (a whole pile of D&D-related properties), and…well, me!

All weekend, I’ll be running both demos of Cold Steel Wardens and playtest sessions of Dwarven Defenders, including full evening sessions that include both our convention scenario, Code Ten-Double Zero (Officer Down) and one of Jules’ infamous Birds of Prey scenarios.

And, if your’e there late at night, I’ll be breaking out a final draft of GameWick Games‘ second game in the Shuffling Horror line:  Roswell 51!

Hope to see you around the table!  With The RPG Academy, you just might learn something!