For Immediate Release–CSW: Rogues Gallery Kickstarter!

Blackfall Press Announces Kickstarter Drive for Cold Steel Wardens: Rogues Gallery

Drive to run from March 15th to April 18th, 2016

[Englewood, OH]Today via the Blackfall Press webpage, designer A.P. Klosky announced the impending arrival of a Kickstarter drive to finance production of Cold Steel Wardens: Rogues Gallery, the second book in the Cold Steel Wardens game line.  The drive will begin on March 15th and run through April 18th, with Klosky running demos of Cold Steel Wardens at two regional conventions during the drive.

“I am beyond excited to get this book into the hands of our fans,” said Klosky, “It’s exciting to go back to Kickstarter just as the CSW corebook hits print once more through our new publishing partners at Studio 2.”  Klosky further encourages any fans of Cold Steel Wardens to visit the Rogues Gallery Prefundia page and sign up for an e-mail reminder for when the drive goes live.

As Blackfall Press, Klosky successfully Kickstarted the corebook for Cold Steel Wardens in 2012, winning a “Best Genre Emulation” BAMFsie award for the book.  Since that time, Cold Steel Wardens has made appearances at gaming conventions worldwide, providing the ideal game for fans of Iron Age superheroics.


Cold Steel Wardens: Rogues Gallery expands greatly upon the default New Corinth setting, featuring full write-ups for Stonegate Federal Penitentiary and Lincroft Asylum, as well as a bevy of mooks, masterminds, metahumans and would-be vigilantes for heroes to match wits against.

“What really sets Rogues Gallery apart from other ‘monster manual’ type books is the way it’s written,” Klosky continued, “Nearly everything in the book is written in-character, from our convention-favorite vigilante Sawbones.  In Rogues Gallery, you will literally have a copy of Sawbones’ notes and collected evidence:  his biases, his perspectives, and his successes as an investigator color this view of New Corinth.  My biggest goal for this book is that it should be fun to read, both for players and for GMs.”

During the drive, Klosky will be running numerous Cold Steel Wardens events at several regional conventions surrounding Western Ohio.  These conventions include CincyCon in Hamilton, Ohio, WittCon XIII in Springfield, Ohio, and WhosYerCon in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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